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Disk Digit for Android – deleted Photo recovery from Android internal storage
It’s not easy to find a good (i.e. effective) app to recover deleted photos from an Android device as not all of them are able to scan the device’s internal memory. In that sense, Disk Digit for Android is a nice exception on the photo recovery apps 2019 list. This application has a free version and also doesn’t require your device to be rooted. Disk Digit is undemanding to install and compatible with Android versions starting from 2.0

The free version of Disk Digit for Android is not significantly limited and the features included will solve your main problem; it will undelete photos on your Android phone. However, you won't be able to recover files of other types with Disk Digit, nor can you upload the recovered photos from your mobile device to a remote server using FTP.

There is one mode in which you can find deleted pictures on Android using Disk Digit: Full Scan, Disk Digit doesn’t require root access to your phone memory.

As in many other photo recovery apps, a results preview window appears in Disk Digit. There you can select the files and images to recover and identify which of them were damaged and can’t be restored. The files can be filtered based on date, file size, and name.
The recovered files automatic saved your file manager

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How To Use Disk Digit Android App

Five Step to recover your lost or deleted photo on your device

Step 1.   Download and Install Disk Digit - photo recovery App in Google play

Step 3.   Open Disk Digit App  agree and continue with the privacy policy

Step 4.   Click  Scan Now Option  and find your lost  photo

Step 5.   Select your lost photo and click the right side restore icon when you click on the restore icon, your images will be saved, automatic in the file manager

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