How do I choose the right cover, health insurance

There is a range of factors to consider when taking out private medical insurance. This is because different insurance providers will have different policies that will naturally suit people differently. For example, there are various fixed packages out there for people whose needs are suited to them. Then there are packages that can be tailored individually so that areas included will be specific to the person at hand. Similarly, some packages will provide cover up to different ages as well so it is important to ensure you know the boundaries of care provided.

So what areas will you need to consider to ensure that you get the right form of cover? There are many areas of your life that you will need to consider, including any health concerns that you might have, your lifestyle and any situations related to your family. There are also various insurance policies that could be tailored to specific activities that you take part in, so if you engage in sporting activities or similar this may also be a consideration.

Naturally, you should also consider how much you are willing to spend. With policies coming in different shapes and sizes this also translates into different prices. You might also wish to pay for part of your medical treatment yourself, you might not mind which hospital treats you to and you might not want to receive cover for specific forms of treatment. As a result, some of the limited cover options might be more suitable for you.

So to choose the right cover you will need to know what different kinds are available. These are detailed in the sections such as 'What types of private medical insurance are available?' and 'What am I covered for?'

Are You Already Covered?
One area you should also check before deciding on a private medical insurance policy is whether or not you are already covered. For example, there is a range of employers, clubs, and organizations that provide people with private medical insurance automatically as part of their benefits. These could cover you or your whole family.

So I'm covered, but how long will it last?
There are some private medical insurance policies that provide cover up to the age of 65, whilst others go beyond. As with other areas of the policy you should check this in advance.

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